Drury launches new degree in Game Development

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., March 23, 2016 — Aspiring computer programmers and game developers in the Midwest will have a new option for a college degree starting next fall as Drury launches a program in Computer Science – Game Development.

The degree is among the few such offerings in the Midwest, despite the fact that the game industry has annual revenues of about $90 billion worldwide – greater than that of the film industry.

Game development is a rapidly diversifying field. The traditional industry continues to grow as mobile apps and games become a staple of everyday life and as networks like ESPN have begun broadcasting high-level competitive play as a spectator sport. Beyond traditional computer games, game-like interfaces and systems are transforming everything from workforce development to healthcare.

“Drury’s liberal arts setting is perfect for a game development degree,” says Dr. Carol Browning, professor of mathematics and computer science. “Games require more than just coding knowledge – they also encompass narrative techniques, art, music, 3D modeling and artificial intelligence. Drury’s interdisciplinary approach to learning will serve these students extremely well.”

The degree is a computer science degree at its core, and graduates will be well prepared to enter any number of traditional computer science fields, where qualified employees are constantly in high demand. The program requires a core of computer science courses covering essential elements of the field, plus 15 additional hours of computer science course work in game development and 12 hours of supporting course work from media arts courses. The program begins in the fall of 2016.

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer this degree, particularly since most game development programs are located on the east or west coast,” says Dr. Beth Harville, dean of the College of Mathematics & Natural Sciences. “From mobile games to apps that challenge us to eat healthier or exercise more to new hardware such as Fitbit and virtual reality headsets – games are everywhere and we want our graduates to be among those contributing to this robust field.”

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