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Creating New Music


Drury has an ongoing commitment to the creation and performance of new music. Composers are encouraged to write for all of our small and large ensembles, and their music is frequently performed by members of the Drury Chamber Orchestra, Drury Wind Symphony and Drury Singers. Composers also participate in a joint recital every spring.

Composition lessons and theory courses are taught by Dr. Carlyle Sharpe.


The Music Department offers a wide variety of courses in music theory, analysis and composition for both music majors, music minors and students simply studying music through elective courses. Music majors and minors typically begin their college music experience with Music Theory and Ear Training and Sight Singing. This sequence of courses introduces the college musician to the fundamentals of musical notation, harmony, ear training, voice leading and musical form - all in terms of an historical perspective. More advanced courses include Form & Analysis, Instrumentation & Orchestration, and 20th Century Musical Styles.


Students at Drury University also learn to work with music notation software such as Sibelius and MuseScore, and ear training students utilize the MacGAMUT software.