Parking for the IML

Parking is sometimes available on campus for members of the IML. A member's $35 annual dues include a pass for parking which must be hung from the rearview mirror and easily visible from outside the car which brought the member to campus. 

If a parking space can not be found on campus, IML members can park off campus in legal parking areas without using a Drury University parking tag. However, if a member wants to park on campus, he or she is should park in the numbered lots on campus (lettered lots are for residential students only). 

If a non-member of IML wishes to park on campus to attend an IML offering, a temporary parking sticker can be obtained from the campus Security Office (lower level of Findlay Student Center) or in the Registration Office in Bay Hall.

If IML members have a Drury photo ID and a hang tag, they may also park in the gated lots (#4 by Weiser Gym and #6 on Benton Avenue across from Pearsons Hall). If the IML member has a Drury ID#, they may receive a photo ID card from the Security Office (lower level of Findlay Student Center) at a cost of $10.

We normally meet on the lower level of Olin Library on the Drury Campus. An elevator and restroom facilities are readily available and the meeting room is air conditioned. Other meeting sites may include the Hearth Room - Located in Bay Hall, the Hoblit Suite - Located in Freeman Hall and Reed Auditorium - Located in the Trustee Science Center. You can find the location of each meeting as you review “Current Offerings.”

Please remember that with your hang tag in place, you may park in any numbered lot. We recommend parking in Lot 1 or Lot 7 for convenience.

View the printable map explaining parking for the IML 

Please be sure to remove all valuables from the interior of your car and put them in your trunk. And don't forget to close all the windows and lock your doors. While the campus and surround area around Drury University is safe it's still a good idea to store your valuables.