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Drury Greek Life offers numerous opportunities for parents and families to get involved and stay connected with their students.  This is an exciting time for your son or daughter, and it is very special to share their experience and watch them grow.  Most parents send their students to college with concerns about staying connected, and Drury Greek Life is dedicated to addressing those concerns.  Below are some frequently asked questions regarding parental and family involvement in Greek Life.

How can parents get involved?

Getting involved at Drury is easy for parents. Many of our student groups have opportunities for parent involvement. From participating in events to helping with meetings and activities, there is always something to do. Once your son or daughter has joined student groups, parents may speak with the campus advisor for more involvement opportunities.

Will my son or daughter have time for student organizations?

Balancing academics, work, family responsibilities and personal time is a big task for each student. Student organizations offer an atmosphere to help students get more involved, find friends with similar interests and help improve time management skills.  All of Drury’s Greek organizations offer assistance to maintain or improve academic study skills and recognize academic accomplishments.

Are these groups safe?

Yes. Drury University is a safe place to be involved in a student organization. All of Drury’s student organizations are committed to providing a positive experience for all of their members. Each group has a campus advisor that is a full-time faculty or staff member. The campus advisor works with the student leaders to provide support, resources and advice for general operations such as planning meetings and events.

Insider Tips from Parents of Drury Students

Your son or daughter is brand new to Drury and you want to help them succeed in their classes, make new friends and get involved on campus. There are endless possibilities, so we’ve contacted the experts- parents of current Drury students- to help you find the answers you need.

Encourage new experiences

College life offers a world of possibilities for your son or daughter. This is the perfect time for them to try new things and find out what he or she is really interested in. Your son or daughter may never have mentioned a love for the environment or international travel before, but they may be interested upon coming to college! Continue to encourage them to try new things; they could find new hobbies- or a career- by stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Support their interests

Your son or daughter will make big decisions during their college experience. When they approach you about getting involved on campus, support their decision. Studies show that students involved in campus organizations have a more fulfilling college experience and are more likely to graduate. As parents, it is vital to understand the importance of supporting their interests and encouraging their involvement.

Ask questions

What is one way for you to get involved at Drury? Ask questions. Ask your son or daughter about their groups, their new friends and their experiences. By actively participating in your son or daughter’s collegiate experience, you provide new opportunities for them to tell you what they’re doing and pass their excitement on to you!

For more information about how you can get involved as a Drury parent, visit our Parents and Family page.