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Soak Up Springfield Nonprofit Registration Form

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015 11:00-1:00pm

NOTICE: We have currently reached our capacity for nonprofit organizations. However, we are still accepting registration forms for nonprofits who would like to be placed on our waitlist for Soak Up Springfield. In the event that a fellow nonprofit cannot participate, you will be contacted to come in their place. Please fill out the following information, and we will confirm your spot on the waitlist within a week of your registration submission.

This event is free to all Drury students, faculty, and staff. We require the same from your business, organization, or agency and do not allow sales of any kind. This event is to promote awareness of your organization.

Soak Up Springfield will be publicized campus-wide through social media, emails, public forms, posters, the school newspaper, on televisions throughout residence halls and the student center, the website, and the campus calendar. Targeted invitations will also be sent to incoming freshmen and campus groups.

Two chairs will be provided per table. Power sources may be available upon advance request, but quantity is limited and will be offered based on registration submission dates until gone.

Set-up will begin at 10:00am on the morning of Wednesday, September 9.

Registration Deadlines

Please submit registration online by August 1, 2015. As a nonprofit organization, your table fee of $100 is waived since we strive to encourage our students to volunteer and engage with the Springfield community.

Within one week of your registration submission, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not, please contact the office at or (417) 873-7617.

Drury University Community Partner Consent, Acknowledgement, and Release

The undersigned, on behalf of the organization identified herein, and as an authorized representative with authority to bind the organization identified herein, hereby acknowledges that the organization has requested to be a vendor with Drury University and agrees to the terms, conditions, and responsibilities outlined in this Registration Form. The organization identified herein agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Drury University, its students, faculty, staff, employees, volunteers, trustees, officers, and agents from and against all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, liabilities, costs, and suits arising out of or resulting from this event and/or any personal injury or damages to any organization volunteer, employee, staff, officer, agent, or member in connection with the work or service performed in connection with this Memorandum of Understanding or any partnership between Drury University and the organization. The organization agrees for the information provided pursuant to this Registration Form to be represented on the Drury webpage and in social media and volunteer recruitment efforts.

**Needs to be completed by someone from your agency with legal authority to give consent. Electronic signature is the legal equivalent of manual signature.