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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Drury University to engage our students, faculty, and staff in the community. At the core of Drury University's mission and vision is a commitment to educating and developing "students to become engaged, ethical and compassionate citizens for servant leadership in communities characterized by change, complexity and global interdependence".

Our community partners are essential to fulfilling this vision and the office of Community Outreach and Leadership Development is committed to forming mutually beneficial relationships that not only engage our students and enrich the Drury community, but also support our community partners in fulfilling their missions and meeting community needs. Thank you for partnering with the Drury community!

Please complete all fields, review the Memorandum of Understanding, and complete the Consent, Acknowledgement, and Release section.

General Information

Drury categorizes each organization/agency by the following areas of focus.

Volunteering Information

If you have any volunteer requests you would like to share with the Drury community, please submit a Volunteer Request Form.

Contact Information

Consent, Acknowledgement, and Release: Electronic Signature (**Needs to be completed by someone from your agency with legal authority to sign a consent.)

By checking the box below I certify and understand that the above organization would like to request a partnership with Drury University and utilize its volunteer base and agrees to the terms and responsibilities outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding. Additionally, the above organization agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Drury University, its students, employees, volunteers, trustees, officers, and agents from and against all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, liabilities, costs and suits arising out of occurring or resulting from and personal injury or damages directly caused by a Drury volunteer within the scope of a service project. The above organization also agrees for the information provided to be represented on the Drury webpage and in social media volunteer recruitment efforts. If you have any questions, please contact Community Outreach and Leadership Development at (417) 873-6803.