Validation of Service Hours for Group Service Projects


  1. Do I need to submit a group or individual form?

    Group forms are for groups or classes completing a service project and one member of that group submits the hours for everyone that served (ex. An organization volunteers at the food pantry as a group and the community service chair submits everyone's hours.)

    Individual forms are for individuals that are completing service independently from a group event. This form still allows individuals to list organizations that they are members of so that it may count towards that organization's community service hours (for Panther Service Cup, etc...), but the student will only be entering hours for themselves.

  2. What counts as service?
    • Direct Service (ex. packing food at Ozarks Food Harvest)
    • Internships - only if they are unpaid and with a nonprofit or organization that serves the public good (ex. City of Springfield or a hospital)
    • Philanthropy and Fundraising - only if you are organization, implementing, or volunteering at an event (ex. Dance Marathon or a 5K) This DOES NOT count if you are only attending the event or participating (running in a 5K)
    • Awareness/Education/Advocacy  - Letter writing campaign, hunger banquet, or sleep out

* = required field

Group Information

Community Agency/Organization Information

Details of Service

Participant Information

Please download and complete the Group Service Hours Excel sheet. Fill out the document with the information of ALL the members of your group/organization that completed this service event. Round service hours to the nearest quarter of an hour (ex. 3.75 = 3 hours 45 minutes)

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