Exclamation Icon NOTIFICATION: Read Drury's April 1 COVID-19 updates
Last updated: 2:49 p.m. on April 1, 2020

Employee Resources

The Panther Clinic will temporarily close, effective March 31. 

The CEO of Cox Health is asking for our help in supporting the Springfield community’s COVID-19 response. As a result, we will be closing the Panther Clinic effective today so that healthcare workers can be redeployed to assist with those who have been most severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

For any students, faculty, or staff experiencing COVID-19 type symptoms, you can take advantage of the free virtual evaluations being offered by Cox Health.

For all other health-related issues, you should go to:

Cox Family Medical Care Clinic (FMCC) at Cox North
1423 N. Jefferson
(417) 269-8817

Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. FMCC is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

You will need to present your Drury ID and proof of insurance. Cox has agreed to waive any office visit co-pay if you go to the FMCC. 

We appreciate your flexibility as our community – here at Drury and throughout Springfield - continue to work together to do the best we can to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

Adjusted Mailroom and Bookstore Hours

Beginning Monday, March 30, the Mailroom and Bookstore will operate on a reduced schedule of 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday, until the University returns to normal operations. 

The Mailroom will continue to receive and send mail throughout this time. Due to the decreased personnel and student presence on campus, mail deliveries to individual buildings and departments will be suspended. Instead, all departmental mail, as well as mail for campus residents in the dorms and College Park, will be held at the Mailroom, available for pickup during the hours above. We will begin working Monday with our evacuated student residents to forward their mail for the summer. Questions related to mail may be directed to

The Bookstore will continue in-store operations during the reduced schedule. Bookstore staff will communicate with students on text returns for the spring semester, and with personnel on preparations for the summer semester. Questions related to the Bookstore may be directed to

Temporary Telecommuting Policy

We are implementing a Temporary Telecommuting Policy. This temporary policy provides a process for eligible staff to request permission to temporarily work remotely.

Download the Policy

We are implementing the Temporary Telecommuting Policy because we understand that there may be employees that need to work from home due to child care issues, compromised immune systems, or live-in family members with compromised immune systems. Moving to a remote working model for appropriate staff as outlined in the policy will reduce the number of individuals on campus on a daily basis, mitigating health and safety risks for those who continue to work on campus.

Those approved for remote work under the Temporary Telecommuting Policy, should work with their supervisor, department Vice President and the Chief Human Resources Officer to outline specific work plans and determine what materials or equipment you may need to effectively carry out your work.

Remaining flexible

Operating the university under these changed conditions will undoubtedly affect daily workflows for all of us, and there will continue to be new work generated by the COVID-19 situation. We ask that all staff, whether working on campus or remotely, be flexible in accepting new assignments or adjustments to schedules to accommodate this new reality. Should your department have staff with extra capacity, please contact the vice president or supervisor in your area to let them know. Likewise, if your department needs additional help, please alert your vice president or supervisor.

Guidance for sick leave or dependent care responsibilities

We recognize that this public health situation creates a number of significant challenges for staff and their families. Many day care centers and schools have announced closures for a period of time, which presents dependent care responsibilities for many. Additionally, our employees and members of their immediate families may become ill and unable to work. Employees who are not approved for remote working arrangements under the Temporary Telecommuting Policy should use accrued sick time balances to cover hours not worked. Any employee who does not have accrued sick time or who exhausts their balance during this period should contact Marilyn Harris at

Staying healthy

We urge all members of the Drury community to be mindful of their health and any potential symptoms of the virus. If you are required to continue your work on campus for the remainder of the semester and feel ill, please do not report to work and contact your healthcare provider for guidance as outlined by the CDC.

We also ask that everyone try to limit their travel to larger, populated areas so as to additionally minimize the potential for spread among our campus community.

Updates from United Health Care and HealthSCOPE

There is an Emotional Support Hotline available to anyone. It can be accessed at (866) 342-6892 or They can also offer referrals for assistance if needed.

For individuals who need them, early prescription refills are available. Individuals should look at their current supply and potential need before requesting to avoid overstressing the system. Optum home delivery is available.

United Health Care has spoken with several pharmaceutical companies and they confirmed that there is enough supply on hand of the 300 top utilized prescriptions to cover those with current prescriptions for 60+ days.

They advise to not use home COVID-19 tests as they can result in false negatives.

If any employee shows symptoms of COVID-19, they should call their primary care physician. If they do not have one, contact telemedicine or the state health department.

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