Our Values

The vision and mission of the Humanities and Ethics Center (HEC) is promoted by focusing our work on the pursuit of four main values and commitments, goals that serve as guiding pillars:

Pillar 1 – The Humanities is Interdisciplinary

To promote learning, scholarship and outreach that highlights the way that inquiring into key humanistic questions involves insight from various humanities disciplinary fields, as well as highlight how inquiry into practical questions posed outside of our disciplines deeply involve humanistic assumptions and findings.

Pillar 2 – The Humanities is Scholarly

To promote the centrality of humanistic inquiry into answering not only questions of significance and value impacting our understanding of what constitutes a good life, but also into questions of practical value posed outside the humanities; promoting scholarly research that generates humanistic knowledge is essential.

Pillar 3 – The Humanities is Public

To promote the truth that the humanities belongs to human beings, and so its questions and inquiries involve everyone, all walks of life, and all questions that we ask; as a consequence, we recognize that the Humanities cannot be engaged authentically without public outreach being a core component of our activities.

Pillar 4 – The Humanities is Essential

In a society that strongly values scientific inquiry and what are seen as purely practical concerns, the humanities has come under strong attack as having limited value. In response, we seek to leverage our efforts to promote teaching, research, public outreach, and learning in ways that convey the message about the importance of the humanities in highly visible ways.