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Drury University Non-Discrimination Statement

Approved by Board of Trustees 5-16-14

Drury University is an open and welcoming community from a rich variety of cultures, races and socio-economic backgrounds.  The mission and goals of the university dedicate the institution to being a community which “affirms the quality and worth of all peoples” and appreciates the “diversity of human culture, language, history and experience.”

Drury University does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or veteran status in its programs and activities.  The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding Drury’s non-discrimination policies:

Coordinator - Non-Discrimination / Harassment & Title IX
Director of Human Resources, Drury University
900 North Benton Avenue, Burnham Hall - Room 107
Springfield, MO  65802
(417) 873-7854


Deputy Coordinator - Non-Discrimination / Harassment & Title IX
V.P. for Academic Affairs / Dean of the College
Drury University, 900 North Benton Avenue, Burnham Hall - Room 200
Springfield, MO  65802
(417) 873-7204


Deputy Coordinator - Non-Discrimination/Harassment & Title IX
V.P. for Student Affairs / Dean of Students
Drury University, 900 North Benton Avenue, Findlay Student Center - Room 201
Springfield, MO  65802
(417) 873-7215


Deputy Coordinator - Title IX
Associate Athletic Director, Drury University
900 North Benton Avenue, O’Reilly Family Event Center - Room 111
(417) 873-7363


Drury’s policies related to non-discrimination and their locations are as follows:

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If you answer no to the above question, Human Resources will contact you to determine proper accommodations. For more information, contact Human Resources at or (417) 873-7434 . The university can reasonably accommodate any disability without undue hardship and which does not create a direct threat to the person or other person.