Flexible Spending Accounts

You may enroll when you are first eligible to participate or when you experience a qualifying event.


Regular staff and faculty scheduled to work for the university at least 20 hours per week for at least nine months each year may participate in the Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Open enrollment schedule

Tax Savings Plan: December 1 - December 31

Qualifying Events

You may also be able to enroll during the plan year if you experience a qualifying event, which is a change in family status that would make participation in the plan appropriate for you. Changes in family status include marriage, divorce, pregnancy, birth/adoption or death of a dependent and certain changes in your spouse's employment status.

Healthcare Reimbursement Plan

The Health Care Reimbursement Plan (Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts - FSA) allows you to use tax-free funds to pay you and your family's medical and dental care expenses not eligible for reimbursement under any other health plan coverage. Eligible expenses are described in the FSA Information Booklet. The employee may fund up to the annual maximum of $2,700. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rules apply to the Health Care FSA. Participants should discuss various leave options with the Human Resources Department prior to taking leave.

Dependent Care Assistance Plan

The Dependent Care Assistance Plan - DCAP (Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts - FSA) permits an employee to pay for his or her qualifying Dependent Care Expenses for Children under the age of 13 or day expenses for disabled dependents on a pre-tax basis. Eligible expenses are described in the FSA Information Booklet. The amount of Dependent Care Expenses reimbursement cannot exceed the maximum amount specified in Internal Revenue Code Section 129. The maximum amount is $5,000 for a calendar year.