VIII. Timekeeping


All student staff members are required to complete a monthly online timecard.  No payments via stipend will be permitted.  In order to receive payment, a student staff member must record hours worked on his or her time sheet correctly. To ensure accurate reporting, this should be done daily at the beginning and end of each shift worked.  (See Timekeeping Requirements Non-Exempt Student Staff)

The supervisor must review the information to ensure the timecard is filled out properly and completely.  Time should be recorded to the nearest quarter hour.  (See Timecard Approval Instructions).

Each month, timecard deadlines for student staff are on the last business day of the month.  This allows payroll enough time to process and prepare the paychecks.  Timecards received after the last business day of the month may not be processed until the next pay period.


Supervisors must inform student staff that after student timescards are submitted on the last business day of each month, students will receive payment on the 15th of the following month. Paychecks will normally be automatically deposited into the Direct Deposit or ReadyFUND$ account that the student has set up. If the necessary Direct Deposit or ReadyFUND$ account has not been set up in time, a paper check will be mailed to the address on file unless other arrangements have been made with the Payroll Manager.

Students may also view their paystub via their MyDrury account using the Employee tab and selecting the link shown as Pay Stub in the menu. Note: This is also the location where they will be able to view their W-2 online after the end of the year.