II. Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisors of student staff members are responsible for ensuring that student staff members receive adequate training, supervision, feedback, and timely compensation for the work they perform.  Supervisors are also expected to adhere to the student employment procedures set forth in this manual and Drury's Staff Policy Handbook.  Student staff supervisors must:

  1. Comply with all federal/state laws and Drury policies surrounding hiring, employment, work study, international students, and worker's compensation.

    As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on legal employment practices and always abide by the many relevant state and federal laws.  The Human Resources department is here to help you do that.  Never hesitate to contact us for guidance. Supervisors should carefully review the Staff Handbook regarding employment policies to include the Title IX-Sexual Misconduct Policy.

  2. Provide an environment where students learn transferable life and job skills.

    Supervisors should strive to help students develop important life skills such as time management, reliability, initiative, teamwork, problem solving, working independently, and ethical decision making.

    Supervisors should also look for opportunities to help student staff members develop important job skills such as customer service, telephone skills, computer applications and more!  Your office/department is an extension of the classroom! Be creative. Get to know your student's career/post graduation goals and find ways to incorporate tasks that enhance skills that they can use.

  3. Provide accurate job descriptions and clear job expectations for student staff members.

    Job descriptions should be current and accurate.  The job description is a valuable tool to communicate how you will measure the student's performance.  It is also an extremely valuable tool to help address performance issues while maintaining a good working relationship.

    Written job expectations should be communicated clearly and right away.  You are setting the student up for success when you let them know how you will be evaluating their performance.  These expectations should include policies regarding confidentiality, harassment, attendance, punctuality, and safety requirements.

  4. Follow the hiring process outlined in this manual. (See section on "Recruitment and Selection")

  5. Provide orientation, training, and evaluation for all employees. (See sections on "Getting Started: Your Student Employee's First Day?,"? and "Assessment/Evaluations"?)

  6. Ensure that the department has available funds to pay student staff members prior to making a job offer.  (See section on "Budget Considerations"?)

  7. Submit signed, completed, and accurate timesheets to payroll by the last business day of the month. (See section on "Timekeeping"?)

  8. Notify Human Resources when a student ceases work by completing a Payroll Action Form. (See section on "Progressive Counseling and Termination of Employment"?)

  9. Recognize and energize student staff members.

    Supervisors are encouraged to offer feedback to students routinely, including rewarding student employees for excellent work. Consider nominating a student employee for Drury's student employee of the year and participating in National Student Employment Week. (See section on "Student Staff Recognition")