V. Student Staff Recognition

In order to recognize the valuable contributions of our student staff members, Drury participates in National Student Employment Week.  National Student Employment Week is the second full week of April each year.

Human Resources partners with the Career Planning & Development department to provide professional development programming activities for student staff members.  The sessions are open to all students, but supervisors are encouraged to send student staff members “on the clock” as a token of appreciation for their contributions.

During National Student Employment Week, supervisors are encouraged to recognize student staff.  Some ideas for recognition include having a food day, writing thank you notes to student staff members, posting a big banner saying “Thanks to our student workers!” during the week, etc.

As part of National Student Employment Week, supervisors have the opportunity to nominate one of their student staff members as Student Employee of the Year.  The winner of Drury’s student employee of the year award will have their nomination submitted to a state competition.  The winner of that award is entered in to the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (MASEA) regional competition. The regional winner is entered in to the National Student Employment Association’s national competition.  All Drury nominees receive a certificate of recognition and a copy of the nominating letter.  Nominations are due in mid February.