III. Recruitment and Selection

Posting a Vacancy

  1. Vacancies for student staff positions are posted with the Human Resources office. To notify HR of a vacancy, the department must utilize the Student Staff Online Requisition form, available on the Student Employment web page, at

    Upon receipt of the Student Staff Online Requisition, HR will post the position on the HR Student Jobs web page.

    Departments may specify that a position is available to only work study recipients, if necessary.

  2. New and existing positions must have an updated job description on file with Human Resources (HR). If one does not exist, the supervisor will need to coordinate with HR to create one prior to the position being posted. (See Sample Job Description.)

  3. Students must apply for student staff positions online, using the Student Employment Online Application, available on the Student Employment web page at (Special accommodations will be made if necessary and requested.) All student staff members must have an application on file in the HR Office.

    Only full-time (enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours), day school students who have complete a current FAFSA are eligible to apply for student staff positions.

  4. The hiring supervisor in each department will review the student application, which the HR office will forward via email.

  5. Any necessary clerical tests (i.e. Word, Excel) required for positions are coordinated with the HR office.

  6. The supervisor will call the student(s) to arrange interview appointments. Supervisors of student staff must employ lawful interview practices. (See Guidelines for Legal Interviewing.) Once interviews are complete, the supervisor may complete an “Interview Evaluation Form,” for each student interviewed.

  7. Once a final candidate is identified, the references of this candidate must be checked by the supervisor.

  8. As soon as a final hiring decision has been made, the supervisor must notify HR immediately. The online Payroll Action Form, must be used by supervisors to notify HR of a hiring decision.

  9. As laid out in the Staff Policy Handbook, hiring of relatives is prohibited. A student that is related to any member of a department may not be hired to work in that department.

Student Employment Eligibility:

  • Must be an undergraduate enrolled in Drury day-school full time (12 credit hours).
  • Must file a FAFSA each year.
  • Students with Work Study should apply by April 1st

Before your student employee reports to work:


By closely following these procedures, hiring supervisors can be confident that they have not exposed Drury to potential fines by allowing a student to work who has not produced documentation of his/her identity and eligibility to work. (Each instance could result in up to $1,100 in fines).

Definitions for Payroll Action Form :

New Hire Appointment - A student who hasn’t worked for you before, even if they have elsewhere on campus.  This is the first step in the hiring process after an offer is accepted and should be done prior to the student working.  New-hire students may not begin working until the supervisor has been notified he/she has completed employment paperwork by Human Resources.

Renewal of an expired appointment- A student who has worked for you recently (within the past two semesters).

For new-hire appointments, HR will reply (usually within one business day) to confirm whether or not the student may begin working.

  • If the student qualifies for student employment, has worked somewhere else on campus before and has up-to-date employment paperwork on file, we will authorize the student to work. You will usually receive confirmation of this within one business day.
  • If the student has not yet worked on campus before, you should have directed him/her to the Human Resources office to begin pre-employment paperwork at the time the job offer is accepted. You will receive an email from HR (usually within one business day) to let you know that the student does not have paperwork on file and may not begin working until further notice.

For renewals of expired appointments, (students who have worked for you before), you should select “Renewal of an expired appointment” on the new dropdown menu on the payroll action form. You may enter the appropriate start date on the payroll action form. Confirmation of a renewal appointment will be sent via the appointment letter email.

All appointments expire at end of the fiscal year. A new payroll action form is required each academic year as well as a separate, additional payroll action form for work during summer months (June 1st-first day of classes).