VII. Progressive Counseling and Termination of Employment

Voluntary Terminations

Resignations should be reported to Human Resources immediately via the online “Payroll Action Form.”  If the student provides a letter of resignation, that should also be forwarded to Human Resources.

Involuntary Terminations

No student should be terminated prior to consultation with Human Resources.  The only two instances in which Human Resources would not need to be consulted prior to termination are terminations that occur due to the student’s exhausted work study award and job abandonment (see below).  However, Human Resources should be notified after the termination in any cases via the online payroll action form.

Job Abandonment

When a student does not call or show up for a scheduled shift, they should be contacted and immediately placed on a verbal warning.  If they don’t show up or call for three shifts in a row, despite contact from the supervisor, we will assume that the student has terminated his/her own employment. The best practice in this situation is to call the student and send an email after the first missed shift and indicate that the email serves as a verbal warning.  On the second day, the email should indicate that it serves as a written warning and should clearly state that failure to show up for the next shift will be considered job abandonment and the student will be terminated from employment.  The payroll action form should be completed and all documentation (emails) should be sent to Human Resources for the employee’s personnel file.

If the student had an unforeseen emergency and was unable to make contact with the supervisor, they may be reinstated at the discretion of the supervisor.  The supervisor would need to advise Human Resources of this reinstatement and of the effective date of the reinstatement.

Excessive Absenteeism

Please note that excessive absenteeism is a different matter.  The regular progressive counseling procedure can be effective in this situation.  Please contact human resources for guidance prior to terminating a student staff member who calls in excessively.

Performance or attendance issues that may arise at times must be dealt with immediately in an efficient and effective manner.  Always remember that Drury is an educational institution and in many cases this could be the student staff member’s first job.  Therefore, it is important to coach our student staff to be effective leaders and managers.  They learn from our example!

For a detailed explanation of the progressive counseling and termination procedures for Drury student staff, please see Progressive Counseling Procedures and the sample Written Warning Discipline Notice.