XI. Job Accidents and Injuries

Workers' Compensation Insurance and Benefit Procedures

Workers' Compensation insurance is provided for each employee in accordance with the Worker's Compensation laws of the State of Missouri for accidental injury and occupational disease arising out of and/or in the course of employment.

Occupational accidents, diseases and injuries that occur at work and are directly linked to the performance of normal, job-related duties are covered under Workers' Compensation Law, which guarantees prompt, automatic benefits to workers.

The benefits included in the program are: payment of hospital and doctor fees for services provided, payment for medicine prescribed for the related injury or disease, and payment of a portion of the employee's wages while disabled. Work-related injuries include medical care and rehabilitation as ordered by Drury's treating physician. There are no deductibles and co-payments; Drury University pays the entire cost for treatment. For emergency treatment, the employee should go to the nearest medical facility.

If an employee is required, as part of the job, to perform duties outside the Springfield area, the injured employee may obtain treatment from the nearest appropriate medical facility. However, Human Resources must be notified immediately following a visit.

Drury is not required to pay for non-emergency treatment that employees seek or select on their own. Employees must have approval from the Human Resources Department before seeking treatment that they expect to be paid for under Missouri's Workers' Compensation Law.

Temporary disability payments are made as long as Drury's attending physician states that you are unable to work. These weekly benefits replace a portion of your lost wages. Additional cash payments will be made in the case of a permanent disability such as the loss of a finger or the loss of sight. If employees are permanently unable to return to work, a lump sum payment will be made. Death benefits are made to surviving dependent.

The full cost of these benefits is paid by Drury University.

Most situations are handled in a routine and efficient way. However, if questions arise concerning medical benefits or any aspect of the workers' compensation process, contact Human Resources.


All accidents, including those that do not require treatment by a doctor and/or hospital, must be reported to the department director, chair, or supervisor.

* * * Important Note * * *     The department director, chair or supervisor is required to complete a Drury University Employee's Report of Injury setting forth the time, place and nature of the accident/injury, and the name and address of the person injured. This report must be provided to Human Resources within 24 hours.

The Human Resources Department will prepare and process the information with the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation. Timely reporting is critical, because claims can be denied if accidents and injuries are not reported to the Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation within the required time frame of 30 days.

Drury University's insurance carrier, as required by the Workers' Compensation law, provides compensation.

If an employee requires transportation to the medical provider, an ambulance is required. Arrangements must be coordinated with Drury University's Security and Safety office for accidents and injuries on the Springfield Campus. Approved provider information is maintained and distributed by the Human Resources Department.