Student Employment Program Manual

I. Introduction

The purpose of this publication is to serve as a resource to supervisors of student staff members.  This manual contains valuable information regarding student employment program procedures, expectations for supervisors of student staff members, and student employee recognition programs.

Human Resources believes that by providing a Drury student with an employment experience, he/she will feel closer ties to the university while gaining valuable work experience transferable to post-university life.

The following are basic guidelines that will make the student employment experience as beneficial as possible for everyone involved:

  1. Student staff must be treated as our regular staff members.  Student staff members are an integral part of each department’s team.
  2. Supervisors must ensure that the student’s employment experience is meaningful and educational.
  3. It is important that supervisors communicate effectively with the student staff member, especially in difficult situations.
  4. If at any time a supervisor is unsure of how to handle a situation with a student staff member, he/she should CALL HUMAN RESOURCES FOR ASSISTANCE.

Contact Information:

Employment Specialist
Crystal D. Ponder MPA, PHR


Student Employment Assistant



Human Resources