Sexual Violence - Risk Reduction Tips

Risk reduction tips can often take a victim-blaming tone, even unintentionally.  With no intention to victim-blame, and with recognition that only those who commit sexual violence are responsible for those actions, these suggestions may help you to reduce your risk of experiencing a non-consensual sexual act.

  • If you have limits, make them known as early as possible
  • Tell a sexual aggressor “NO” clearly and firmly
  • Try to remove yourself from the physical presence of a sexual aggressor
  • Find someone nearby and ask for help
  • Take affirmative responsibility for your alcohol intake/drug use and acknowledge that alcohol/drugs lower your sexual inhibitions and may make you vulnerable to someone who views a drunk or high person as a sexual opportunity
  • Take care of your friends and ask that they take care of you.  A real friend will challenge you if you are about to make a mistake.  Respect them when they do.