Social Justice House

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Application Deadline: Monday, February 12, 2018

Drawing on Drury’s historic commitment to healing the wounds of the civil war, contributing to women’s education, and providing education for students “of slender purse,” the Social Justice House will bring together students from across disciplinary boundaries who are passionate about creating a more just society. House residents will learn through experience, cooperating with community organizations dedicated to social justice and hosting events to promote social justice. Residents of the Social Justice are expected to apply and develop skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork/collaboration, taking initiative, and ethical engagement within and beyond the university.

Application Requirements:

  • Full-time undergraduate day school student

  • Must have graduated from high school in August 2017 or earlier

  • Provide the names of two professors as references

Residency Requirements:

  • Hold “office hours” in the house

  • Contribute to social media

  • Contact and volunteer with community organizations

  • Create and host events & meetings to ensure the house is an interdisciplinary hub for social justice

  • Host prospective students during their campus visits

  • Keep house clean, particularly the first floor 

Application for the Social Justice House:

Academic Information

Housing Information

Short Essay Responses

Please limit each response to fewer than 250 words.

Please contact Dr. David Derossett at with questions.