Drury Housing Selection Form

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Click each type of housing to learn how to apply for the 2020-21 academic year. For students interested in housing based on credit hour, please note you must submit a housing selection form on this page to get on the lists for Housing Sign-Ups. To qualify to choose a unit at a Sign-Up Night, each member of the roommate group must also file an individual 2020-21 housing contract in MyDrury. Your group will need to attend the corresponding Sign-Up Night for the chance to choose your specific housing location for the upcoming school year.

To submit your 2020-21 housing contract, log in to MyDrury and click “Campus Life” from the top menu (it may be under “More”). Select the “Housing” folder from the left menu, then “2020-21 Housing Contract” from the left menu. Mark everything that you are interested in on your housing contract, then be sure to follow the instructions below. We only need one housing contract per person, per academic year.

Contact or (417) 873-7654 with questions.

What type of housing are you or your group considering?