2020-21 Housing Sign-Ups for Returning Students

The 2020-21 sign-up link, housing contract, and exemption will go live on February 1, 2020. 

Don’t forget, Drury University has a housing policy that requires most full-time day school students to live on campus. 

Housing Assignment Considerations

Returning student assignments are based upon special application processes (theme/student organization communities), pin number (fraternities), or earned credit hours (non-theme apartments/houses and upperclassman residence hall suites).

Full-time day school students are eligible to reside in on-campus apartments/houses and fraternity houses if they graduated from high school at least one full year prior to the anticipated move-in date. There is not a minimum credit hour requirement to apply for apartments or houses.

Residents of all housing locations may live together in the same room/suite regardless of their sex or gender.

When making residence hall, room and roommate assignments, the university does not discriminate based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, or culture.

Students with medical accommodations for housing or those who are considering family housing must reach out to the Housing office on February 10, 2020 or sooner.

Process for Fraternity Houses
All fraternity chapters require that members live in their house for a set number of semesters. Men must submit a housing contract in MyDrury by the advertised deadline and indicate their fraternity chapter. Each chapter will have a room selection meeting in February or March.

Process for Theme/Student Organization Housing
Students will have to apply for their specific theme or student organization houses by the advertised deadlines. Some of those communities require an individual application, while some have a group application or presentation.

Process for Non-Theme Housing Apartments & Houses
Students should choose their own roommates and fill out online Housing Selection forms for each unit type in which they are interested. The selection form gets the roommate group on the list for sign-up nights. Each roommate should also fill out a housing contract in MyDrury in order to choose a unit at sign-up night.

The Housing office will confirm each group’s earned credit hours and rank the roommate groups from most earned hours to least earned hours. Students who submit selection forms will receive an email with the rankings the day before the event.

Groups then attend their designated housing sign-up night. At the sign-up nights, a large campus map will be posted so that students can easily see which units are available. Groups will be called from most earned credit hours to least earned credit hours to select their specific unit from the map, until all units are given away, starting with 1-person, then 2-person, and 3-person housing on one night. The 4-person sign-up night is several weeks later so that people who don’t get into 1-3-person housing can create a new roommate group and submit a 4-person selection form. 

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