What to Wear During Recruitment

Here's a guide of what you might want to wear throughout the recruitment process. There's no pressure to go out and buy anything! These items will probably already be in your closet. The most important thing throughout the entire recruitment process is that you feel comfortable and confident!

Recruitment 101

This night will give you a chance to see some great recruitment looks, no matter what your style. You can wear something cute and comfortable tonight!

Sisterhood Round

Good news! We've got part of your outfit covered for the first round of recruitment. We will provide you with a recruitment t-shirt to wear for this night during recruitment orientation. All you need to do is pair it with your favorite shorts, skirt or jeans.

Philanthropy/Service Round

This is the day you'll learn more about the sororities' philanthropies and service projects. Nicer casual outfits will do great!


Preference Round

This is the most formal round of recruitment. It is the last round before bids (an invitation to join a chapter) are given out. A nice dress, pants or skirts are great options!


Bid Day

When you come back to figure out what chapter you belong to, feel free to wear casual clothing. Shorts or jeans are perfectly acceptable! The chapter will give you a bid day shirt (that you'll change into) to celebrate the newest members of their chapters! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because you may be running a little!