Cybersecurity Leadership Certificate Enrollment and Tuition

Students can enroll in courses via two different tracts:

  1. Apply for the 12-hour CSL Certificate. The application fee is $25. Students will pay $530 per credit hour, plus $27 per credit hour in fees. The application is available online

    Students are not required to submit GMAT scores or meet the undergraduate business prerequisites that are required for the MBA program. Students must submit an official undergraduate transcript, complete an online application, request two letters of recommendation and submit a personal statement.

  2. Earn a Master in Business Administration from Drury. Six hours of the CSL courses count toward degree completion for the 30-hour MBA.

Students must meet all MBA admission requirements, including completion of an online application, payment of $25 fee, submission of two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, fulfillment of prerequisites, and a minimum score of 450 on the GMAT (see MBA admission requirements for GMAT waiver requests).

Students who need to complete MBA prerequisites should consider enrolling in the PMBA 501 Business Essentials course, an eight credit hour class taught during the summer (one-time cost of $5,500).

MBA Tuition is $699 per credit hour, which includes the international travel experience. Additional fees are $27 per credit hour. Students admitted into the MBA program are eligible for financial aid and are encouraged to visit Drury’s Financial Aid website.