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The Cultural Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor designed to provide students with the fundamental tools necessary to think deeply and critically about the concept of culture. By affording students an interdisciplinary view of how different academic and professional disciplines approach the concept of culture, the minor integrates theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing students to contribute to life in a global community. In the twenty-first century, each of us is called upon to successfully interact with members of another culture. As such, the Cultural Studies Minor complements any major course of study.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will learn an interdisciplinary set of skills and approaches that will allow them to analyze the values, ideas, and belief systems that inform cultural products and everyday practices.
  2. Students will demonstrate intercultural competence skills, including listening, observing, and evaluating to seek out and understand cultural cues and their meaning, as well as viewing and interpreting the world from the other cultures’ point of view.
  3. Students will understand and demonstrate cultural self-awareness and knowledge of other cultures (e.g., history, values, beliefs, communication styles, values, and practices).
  4. Students will develop an attitude of curiosity, discovery, openness, and respect, reflecting a comfort with and an appreciation for diversity and cultural differences.

The Cultural Studies Minor requires 18 credit hours of coursework.