Summerscape Classes

Summerscape Courses 9:15 - 11:45 a.m.

Camp Code

Have you ever wanted to build your own computer game?  Or make your own online animations? What if YOU could control robots?  Try out your coding skills(and learn new ones) at Camp Code!  We will learn the basics of block coding with Scratch, then bring our robots (Sphero, Dash, and Dot) to life.  Plus we'll see how coding works in real life with a visit to the City of Springfield Information Systems department and visits from other coders.

Instructor: Chelsea Shoemaker, Marshfield Schools

Crime Scene Investigator

A crime has been committed, and it was one of your classmates! How do we find out who it was? Use a lie detector? No. Not reliable enough. Torture? No. Too messy. Have a line up? No. Many of the Summerscapers look alike and could be falsely accused as the criminal. Aha!! Let’s use forensic science techniques to solve the crime and correctly identify the guilty person. It has been proven reliable, is not too messy and it is easy to collect and analyze the evidence. We will be using the same forensic techniques and scientific analysis to solve our own classroom mystery. Please join the CSI team and help me to uncover who committed the crime. ($10 fee)

Instructor: Eric Wilbur, Kickapoo High School, Springfield

Born to Read

If reading is as necessary as breathing and if you would rather read than almost anything in the world, but it never seems like you have enough time to just sit and fall into a book, or having uninterrupted reading time sounds like heaven and your reading list is so long that you have had to start rolling it up, then, this is your lucky summer! Summerscape is here to fulfill your deepest reading fantasy, and mystery, and adventure, and so on! In this class, we will read, and read, and read, (bring something comfy to read on – an old sleeping bag? Big pillow?) – and we will talk about and experiment with different genres and share some of our favorite bits and books…and those of us who like to write about books can write at length on our class blog and in a journal, too. And those of us who don’t can just write or draw a little. We will also visit how various libraries work and come up with some useful ideas for our fabulous book repositories here in the Queen City. We will also develop a booklist with synopsis to share with all of camp. But mainly, this one is for book lovers! You know who you are!

Instructor: Catia Gilpin, Phelps Center for Gifted Education - WINGS, Springfield

Movie Classics

Do you love movies? Do the stories and the way that the films are made fascinate you? If you are a movie buff, this is the class for you. We will take an in depth look at many of the classic films that have significantly influenced modern film and film makers. Through the viewing of these films, you will become a more perceptive viewer of film while learning basic cinematic techniques that define different genres of film. Through analysis and discussion, you will acquire a keener sense of film awareness and a deeper appreciation for the art of film-making.

Instructor: Michael Butcher, Kickapoo High School, Springfield

Hunger Games: Archery, Engineering and Literature

Explore archery, design and engineer, examine Greek mythology and compare dystopian fiction as we celebrate 10 years of the Hunger Games together. In the Hunger Games class districts will compete against each other through archery, reaping probability, and engineering design challenges and compare the movie with the literature. We will also compare dystopian fiction society with today’s society and the symbolism that exists in our everyday lives. ($40 fee)

Instructor: Audra Uzzell, Phelps Center for Gifted Education - Scholars, Springfield