Fallscape Class Descriptions

Our theme for this Fallscape is Dinosaurs! Check back with us soon on updated course information.

Grades Pre-K, K & 1: The Age of Dino

Have you ever wondered what dinosaurs were? Have you ever been curious as to when they existed? Or maybe how long they lives? Have you ever asked yourself why they died out and went extinct? Join us in an exploration of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods! Make sure to dress to get messy as this will be a very hands-on approach to the Age of Reptiles.

Grades 2, 3, & 4: Dino Action

In this class we will learn about what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, how fossils are formed, what dinosaur teeth look like, and what fossils can tell scientists about how dinosaurs behaved. We'll also take a trip to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science to learn about what types of animals lived here in Missouri long ago. 

Grades 5, 6, & 7: Dino Day

Celebrate Dino Day at Drury Fallscape! We will have the fantastic opportunity of going to the Natural History Museum and getting to see Henry (who is Henry???), and learn more about these fascinating, prehistoric creatures. In addition, we will be enjoying all kinds of dino-driven activities: crafts, storytelling, research, and games. Can't wait to see you at Dino Day!