About the Spanish & French Programs

About the Spanish Program

In today's world, effective communication is an essential skill. As the world veers toward a global economy, learning another language and gaining the knowledge of another culture and its people can further enhance your attractiveness to employers and your ability to interact with people in all areas of life.

U.S. census data show that the Hispanic population of the United States has increased by 50% since 1990. Government projections place the total Hispanic population at 73,055 people, or 20% of total the U.S population by the year 2030.

Spanish as a second or a third language in the future could prove to be a requirement, or give an added edge when pursuing a career in: business, government, communication, the foreign service, social work, education, journalism, travel & tourism, translation & interpretation, science & technology, and international relations.

As well as its career benefits, studying Spanish will allow you to explore a whole new world of travel in México, Central and South America, Spain and the Caribbean, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences.

The department of languages offers a Spanish Major and a Spanish Minor. Additionally, Drury University Study Abroad offers a year-round study abroad program in Granada, Spain and various short term summer programs in Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America that vary year by year.

About the French Program

Being monolingual  offers no more advantage today than it did in twelfth- and thirteenth- century England, where French was both a written and spoken vernacular. French was already an international language in the Middle Ages, so it is not surprising to hear French in more than fifty countries on five continents today.

Beginning students of French at Drury gain communicative competence through their study of the French language and French and Francophone culture. French majors and minors at Drury engage even more deeply with the culture, literature, and history of the more than 200 million people who make up the French-speaking world. The French minor and major curricula at Drury offer students the opportunity to attain a higher level of mastery of the French language in preparation for participation in today's multilingual world.