Financial Aid Appeals

Students who fail to meet the standards of SAP have the option to submit an appeal if being placed on probation is a result of extenuating circumstances. Appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee, and must be submitted prior to the last week of the semester a student is requesting aid. The outcome of an appeal is final. The committee will automatically deny any appeal that does not have any supporting documentation. If there were not extenuating circumstances that resulted in your lack of academic progress, you are not eligible to submit an appeal.

Examples of possible extenuating circumstances are:

  • A death in your immediate family – you must submit a copy of a death certificate.
  • Auto accident – you must submit a police report or an insurance claim.
  • Medical illness/hospitalization – you must submit a letter from your physician or billing statement.

In addition to explaining your extenuating circumstances, you must submit the following items to support your appeal:

Types of Appeals

Lack of Academic Progress (Pace)

Students must be passing a minimum of 67% of attempted courses in a degree program. To determine a student’s pace, divide the cumulative number of credit hours the student has successfully completed by the cumulative number of credit hours attempted.


The SAP GPA requirements for Drury students are listed below. 

Hours Earned Minimum GPA Required
0 – 29 1.6
30 – 59 1.8
60 or above 2.0