Drury Grounds is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and enhancement of the Drury campus landscape. Our main objective is to support and enhance the student experience through providing a beautiful, safe and engaging grounds environment. Through a combination of professional horticultural processes, proven design principles and methods innovation, Drury Grounds provides an enjoyable and visible physical setting for the Drury University community.

Performance Objectives

All objectives must be given equal consideration and none can be compromised in plan development


  • Utilizes accepted landscape design methods and standards.
  • Broadly accepted by Drury University community as appealing and pleasing.
  • Balance, emphasis, variety, size, shape, sequence
  • Texture, color, habit, fragrance


  • Sustainable
  • Supports and enhances beneficial ecosystem biodiversity
  • Seeks to restore or repair natural ecosystem cycles/processes
  • Utilize native plants and materials


  • Supports Drury University organizational plans and strategy
  • Supports and facilitates objectives of campus departments
  • Utilizes planning and communication to improve Grounds effectiveness and efficiency


  • Utilizes Drury University budgeting process to establish appropriate budget
  • Stays within budgetary constraints
  • Regular budgetary monitoring and planning for fiscal constraint
  • Seeks alternative funding such as grants and through in-house savings