CCPS Science Course Descriptions

200 Level Courses
SCIE 206: Speleology. 3 hours.

Speleology is the science of caves and their relationship to humanity and the environment. The relationship between caves, springs, sinking streams, soluble rock strata, sinkholes, wells, underground drainage of water, water contamination and the cave ecosystem will be investigated.

300 Level Courses
SCIE 310: Scientific Principles, Discoveries and the Future. 3 hours.

This course is designed as an upper-division course that will investigate the scientific method and applications and new technology through information found in current peer-reviewed journal articles and the integration of biology, chemistry and physics. Current ethical issues in science will be examined and how they may affect the future. Finally, the future direction of where science may lead as we venture through the 21st century to address global issues will be explored.