CCPS Professional Development Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses
PDEV 125: Healthy Cooking. 1 hour.

This course will provide students with simple, healthy meal and snack options to arm them with the knowledge to cook and eat healthy for a lifetime. This course will serve as a mandatory course for the Wellness Certificate.

200 Level Courses
PDEV 200: Introduction to Global Leadership and Sustainability. 3 hours.

This course furthers the discussion of student leadership theory with the statement “Let’s change the world.” To develop a personal philosophy of global leadership, student leaders will be mindful of the role of diversity of our increasingly multi-cultural society and the manner in which issues of environment and sustainability relate to global leadership.

PDEV 276: Leadership in Youth Organizations. 3 hours.

Leaders in youth organizations (be they school groups, scouting, church youth, or other groups) must be able to provide leadership to their peers, just as leaders of any organizations. Providing leadership to other youth comes with its own challenges and techniques, which will be addressed in this course. This course is ideal for dual credit and dual enrollment student who are active in one or more youth organizations.

PDEV 286: Career/Life Planning. 2 hours.

Career/Life Planning uses a systematic approach to self-assessment, career research, goal-setting and implementation of a career development plan. Students will learn specific skills, research knowledge, and information upon completing the course objectives and activities.

PDEV 289: Introduction to Leadership Development. 3 hours.

In this class, students will study leadership and how it relates to the individual, the team and the community. The interdependent relationship between leaders, followers, and creating positive change will be considered. Students will investigate their personal strengths and challenges in leadership, seek to understand how leadership relates to group effectiveness, and explore community issues and local resources. A variety of leadership theories will be explored with an emphasis on the social change model of leadership development. This course includes a service-learning project.