Law Enforcement Academy Eligibility Requirements

The prospective student must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen

  • Be at least 20 years of age (graduates less than 21 years of age must wait until they turn 21 years of age to take the P.O.S.T. Test for Peace Officer Certification.)

  • A high school diploma from an attendance-based, accredited high school and not an on-line or computer-based high school program;* or the equivalent (GED, or HiSET )

  • Possess a valid driver's license (United States)

  • No DWI or related arrest in last 3 years

  • No felony convictions

  • No drug or related arrest in last 3 years

  • Not have an active Full Order of Protection against them

  • No conviction for a Domestic Violence assault

  • Pass the ASSESSMENT Test in basic reading and writing skills (Minimum of 60% combined average.)
  • Obtain physician's examination / release to engage in physical fitness program that will include jogging, running, push-ups, sit-ups, flexibility and cardiovascular exercises. (Able to run 1.5 miles in less than 18 minutes at the start of the academy preferred for optimal PT benefit during the academy.) View academy physical fitness records

*Students who graduated from a non-public high school must provide documentation that the school is accredited by the Department of Education from that state. Students who graduated from a non-accredited high school, or on-line high school, must submit a HiSet or GED certificate.  For HiSET testing information, go to

Everyone attending the academy must submit their fingerprints for a background check. Instructions on how and where to be fingerprinted (apx. cost of $50.00) are included in the application packet sent to those that passed the ASSESSMENT Test. Students with any criminal or moral arrests/convictions are subject to review by the academy director, who may deny entrance based upon the arrest or conviction. A random drug test will be conducted at least once during the academy. A positive illegal drug test result will result in termination from the program.