CCPS Geography Course Descriptions

200 Level Courses
GEOG 223: Introduction to Meteorology. 4 hours.

This course explores the processes that produce weather and climate patterns. Topics of study include earth/sun relationships, global pressure and wind systems, weather forecasting, severe storms, and global climate change.

300 Level Courses
GEOG 340: Geography of Food. 3 hours.

Humans use more of our planet's surface for food production than for any other use. The oceans also serve as a primary food source. This class explores how crops and food specialties have developed around the world. The primary goal of this course it to examine the environmental problems that result from food production and to explore more sustainable options for agriculture, fisheries and wild lands. The course will include a field trip to a sustainable farm and meetings with federal agricultural professionals. An additional goal is to gain an appreciation of the regional differences in food by sampling examples of world cuisine. Offered spring semester.