CCPS Course Syllabus Information

Syllabus Templates

Syllabus templates are provided to assist you with building your course syllabus.  You are expected to use the appropriate and most current syllabus template for your CCPS classes. Syllabus templates may change each semester so please check for the latest versions.  

All syllabus templates can also be found in Moodle under Instructor Resources.  All syllabi should be posted in Moodle at least two weeks prior to the start of class.

If you are teaching business or education courses, you should use those templates listed in the sections below.

For all other CCPS courses, three standard syllabus templates are available for seated, blended, and online courses. This is the minimum that should go into a syllabus. You may add additional material as appropriate. The items printed in "black" are standard for all courses and should not be altered. The items printed in "green" provide examples, general comments, or instructions. 

Education Courses

Faculty teaching education courses should use the syllabus templates found on the School of Education & Child Development website.

Business Courses

Faculty teaching business courses should use the syllabus templates found on the Breech School of Business Administration website.

If you have questions regarding business course syllabus preparation, please contact Gary DeBauche at

Related links for syllabus development:

Learning Objectives

Drury departmental learning objectives are available and required for most CCPS courses. Please include these learning objectives in your course syllabus.  You can find the current learning objectives in Moodle.  Login and click "Instructor Resources" then "CCPS Course Resources" and "CCPS Course Descriptions and Objectives."

Course Descriptions

To find a course description for your syllabus, go to Academic Catalogs, then select "CCPS" and the current year CCPS Catalog.

CCPS Fact Sheet

Important semester dates and holidays needed for your syllabus can be found in the semester CCPS Fact Sheet.  Additional university dates are located in the University Academic Calendar.

All CCPS instructors should submit a copy of your syllabus to your site coordinator for review 30 days prior to the start of your course. You may submit your syllabi for review at the link below.

Course Syllabus Submission Form

All instructors (seated, blended, and online) should post their syllabus in their Moodle course at least two weeks prior to the start of class.