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About the CCPS Bachelor of Science in Advertising/Public Relations

The advertising and public relations major prepares students for careers in strategic communication in profit and nonprofit contexts. Courses develop critical thinking, written, oral, visual communication and presentation skills in the creation of research-driven integrated communication proposals. Account services, media planner, copywriter, media relations, event planning, social media strategist, fundraising/development and communication specialist are a few of the career opportunities for advertising and public relations majors. Students are encouraged to complete one or more internships to sharpen their professional skills and identify specific career interests.

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Bachelor of Science in Advertising/Public Relations

The Bachelor of Science in Advertising/Public Relations requires a minimum of 42 credit hours. 

COMM 211: Presentational Speaking
3 credit hours

Principles and practice of effective oral communication. This course focuses on researching, composing, and delivering formal and informal presentations. Topics include ethics and public speaking, listening, research, analyzing and adapting to audiences, message construction, outlining, delivery of messages, effective use of visual aids, and critically evaluating public address. The course emphasizes informative and persuasive speaking. Designed for students who seek to improve speaking and critical thinking skills.

COMM 215: Foundations of Communication
3 credit hours

Introduction to the fundamental questions, methods and theories that define the communication discipline and communication professions. Students also will survey approaches to the study of interpersonal relationships, organizational dynamics, public discourse, mass media and cultural criticism as well as the history and development of the communication field. This introduction will help students make informed decisions about the focus and trajectory of their study and career.

COMM 221: Multimedia Writing
3 credit hours

Provides a writing foundation for multiple disciplines, including print journalism, broadcasting, web and public relations. Students will learn about compiling information effectively for audiences and presenting content through social media.

COMM 231: Integrated Brand Management
3 credit hours

This course will highlight the changes taking place in the world of integrated marketing communications – the process of communicating to promote products, services, and ideas. No longer is it just print or broadcast images connecting with audiences; skilled marketers must understand the importance of social media and the power of the audience. COMM 231 will introduce you to the communication tools, techniques, and media that practitioners use to design strategies to connect with audiences.

COMM 285: Communication and Ethics
3 credit hours

Introduction to ethics in communication studies. Students examine conceptual perspectives for understanding and evaluating communication ethics in interpersonal relationships, small groups, organizations and intercultural contexts. This course is designed to stimulate the moral imagination, reveal ethical issues inherent in communication and provide resources for making and defending choices on ethical grounds.

COMM 332: Intercultural Communication
3 credit hours

A survey of critical and qualitative inquiry into intercultural communication. This course provides an introduction to the tenets of intercultural research as well as in-depth analysis of intercultural communication competency and cultural criticism. Topics include introductory readings in ethnography, social anthropology and communication studies, and numerous case studies across various cultures. Theories include nonverbal communication analysis and facework across cultures. Diversity issues and identity politics are explored.

COMM 340: Advertising and Public Relations Research and Strategy
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: COMM 215COMM 231Focuses on strategic thinking and research skills in the development of advertising and public relations messages and campaigns. Students will learn how to gather and interpret primary research that supports an understanding of audience attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and media consumption habits. Students will draw on research and theory to develop integrated communication proposals that solve the needs of business and/or nonprofit organizations.

COMM 351: Principles of Persuasion and Influence
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: COMM 211COMM 215. A study of the persuasive process in contemporary culture. Students study basic theories of persuasion and public speaking in an effort to become responsible consumers and creators of public persuasion. Practical applications are made by presenting persuasive speeches and critical projects.

COMM 353: Mass Media and Society
3 credit hours

The history and current status of mass media in America, including newspapers, magazines, books, motion pictures, the recording industry, radio and television. Students will also explore theories and research examining the effect media have upon society.

COMM 387: Organizational Communication
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: COMM 215. Analysis of how organizations are produced and affected by communication. This course provides an in-depth examination and application of theories, contemporary perspectives and research in fields of organizational communication. Topics include organizational structures, culture, socialization, decision making, diversity, stress, burnout, technology processes and leadership.

COMM 421: Strategic Media
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: COMM 221. Strategic media selection makes it possible to connect messages and audiences. In this course students will learn to create effective media and communication outreach by developing their knowledge of media platforms, audience analysis and audience engagement. Traditional and new media will be examined, with particular attention given to the opportunities and metrics associated with web and social media.

COMM 433: Strategic Writing for Advertising and Public Relations
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: CCPS-COMM 215COMM 221COMM 231. Day-COMM 221.
A writing-intensive course where students learn to produce highly targeted messages for key publics including media representatives, customers, donors and other organization stakeholders. Students will develop skills in information gathering, editing, critical thinking and audience analysis through the production of advertising copy, news releases, direct mail packages, public service announcements and other strategic communication tools.

COMM 441: Advertising/PR Campaigns
3 credit hours

Prerequisites: COMM 340COMM 433. 
“Campaigns” is the culminating professional experience for the advertising and public relations major. Using a case study created by a real-world client, the course gives students the opportunity to integrate previously acquired knowledge and skills in the area of integrated marketing communications. Student teams model an agency setting to develop a comprehensive campaign to be presented both orally and in plans book form.

COMM 489: Professional Seminar
3 credit hours

This is a professional capstone course that requires students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired as advertising/public relations majors. Students will produce a professional portfolio, resume, cover letter, and other critical career building tools. Course topics include personal branding, professional networking, job interviewing, and contract negotiations.