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About the CCPS Project Management Credential

This credential prepares students to initiate, plan and execute projects on-time and on-budget. Project management is a sought-after skill by employers in all business sectors.

Students who complete this credential will have the basic knowledge necessary to explore a career in project management.


LDST 102: Introduction to Project Management
3 credit hours

The course covers key components of project management including project integration, project scope management, project time and cost management, risk management, quality management, human resource considerations, and procurement management.

LDST 250: Financial Basics for Leaders
3 credit hours

Leaders at all organizational levels need an understanding of what makes their organizations go—money! Whether it is a for-profit business or a "non-profit," the financial aspects of operation affect the company's ability to achieve goals and the leader's ability to make decisions. This course includes the "basics" of using various financial statements, cash management plans, capital budgets, ratios and other tools to assist the leader in directing the organization. In addition, pricing strategies, economic decision-making models, financing options and internal accountability will be considered. Finally, measurements of financial performance and requirements for validity of financial information will be discussed from the perspective of what the leader needs to know to function effectively and meet his/her financial responsibilities.

LDST 301: Risk Management
3 credit hours

A study of risk assessment and management techniques, methods, and models used in industry to minimize, control and communicate risks.

LDST 310: Contemporary Workforce Issues
3 credit hours

This course explores current workplace issues faced by leaders in public and private sector organizations. Course content includes a discussion of present-day topics including discrimination, sexual harassment, disability law, the "glass ceiling" as it relates to women in leadership, unions and their continued applicability in American industry, international cultures and their impact on organizations, as well as technology and its applications and challenges. General management of all types of organizations and personnel will also be considered.

Degree pairings

This credential may be a good fit for students pursuing degrees or working in the following fields:

What is a credential? 

  • Designed to pair with and customize a Drury bachelor’s degree, a credential will make a resume stand out with an additional focused area of study.
  • 12-hour block of classes.
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