Currents Literary Magazine

Currents is a Drury student-produced literary magazine that cycles new issues around campus twice a year. Sometimes Currents has a theme, and sometimes it doesn't. If you are human and have a small splotch of creativity and are a Drury student, you should submit. The Currents staff continually accepts submissions of fiction, non-fiction, essay/review, interview, poetry, comics, art, and photography. New issues can be found in random buildings around campus and are always free to students, faculty, and staff.

Created in the pre-Gutenburg Age (OK, pre-Facebook Age) by Drury student Eric Ferguson, Currents has transformed from a "punk" idea to a widespread and subversive forum for creativity. Eric envisioned irreverence and free-form, but never did he imagine that the publication would persist and grow to circulate over 200 copies an issue.