Undergraduate Programs

Drury University offers undergraduate programs in both elementary education and secondary education.

About the Undergraduate Programs

The professional preparation of teachers at Drury University is grounded not only in the academic disciplines, but also in a partnership with public schools.  As part of the professional preparation of teachers, students participate in a series of clinical experiences that may begin as early as the freshman year and conclude in the senior year. Clinical experiences include teacher aiding in the public schools, field experiences related to areas of specialization, reading practicum and student teaching. These opportunities allow Drury students to gain practical experiences working with special needs children as well as a wide variety of socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic groups.

The mission of professional education at Drury University is to:

  • Develop liberally educated professionals who are highly effective teachers and instructional leaders within their respective disciplines and who are knowledgeable and skilled in the areas of child and adolescent development.
  • Prepare educators who are proficient in the use of data collection and analysis techniques to ensure that all students, regardless of ability, diversity of background, or other individual differences, will reach their learning potential.
  • Add value to the lives of children of all ages and their families in rural and urban communities throughout the Ozarks region and beyond.

At Drury University, we seek to prepare teachers who go beyond technical competence of “what works.”  We strive to nurture a disposition and personal commitment that calls for teachers to be reflective, thinking practitioners who have a vision of schools as places of energy, learning, creativity, commitment and decency for all children.

The moral and ethical insights of teaching are taught and these understandings are enculturated throughout the experiences related to the teacher education program. The opportunity to associate with other students and faculty through activities such as the School Development Program, Drury Student Teachers’ Association, Kappa Delta Pi, field experiences and university courses creates a texture of moral and ethical insights and values that foster and renew a high sense of purpose and vision for the teaching profession. The School of Education and Child Development at Drury University strives to create an environment in which persons identify with the teacher preparation program and work cooperatively to revitalize the profession.

Students preparing to enter the teacher education program must be formally admitted. For admission requirements and necessary forms, visit the admission procedures page. Normally such application is made when a student is enrolled in EDUC 205 Diversity and Social Justice in Education. Students may enroll for the following courses prior to formal admission to the teacher education program:

EDUC 200: Technology in the Classroom
EDUC 201: Teacher Aide
EDUC 205: Diversity and Social Justice in Education 
EDUC 207: Psychology of Human Growth and Development
EDUC 212: Professional Preparation for the Field of Teacher Education
EDUC 302: Educational Psychology and Assessment
EDUC 340: Education of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 361: Collaborative Classroom Environments 

Students must be formally admitted before enrolling for any additional courses in the teacher preparation program.