Student Teaching Application & Information

Applications for student teaching are due:

  • February 1 for fall student teaching
  • August 1 for spring student teaching

Student Teaching Application

Student Teaching Approval Policies

Student Teaching in India

House Bill 1711 Guidelines

Student Teaching Placement Restrictions 

Applicants are allowed to suggest/request two possible placements, realizing that these requests may or may not be fulfilled. Students should not request, nor will they be placed, in the district from which they graduated or in a district or school where relatives attend or work. Exceptions to this policy may be made if a district offers a student teacher a job as the teacher of record during their student teaching semester.

Missouri Content Assessments

It is required to attempt the appropriate Missouri Content Assessment(s) the semester prior to student teaching. Documentation of MoCA completion or registration, showing testing date, is a required part of the student teaching application. Refer to the Missouri Content Exams to be sure you are registered for the correct exam. Student teaching placements are not finalized until a score is verified by the School of Education and Child Development.

Missouri Content Substitute Certificate

All students applying for student teaching must have a current Missouri Content Substitute Certificate. Complete instructions for obtaining a Missouri Content Substitute Certificate are provided on the DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) website. Obtaining a substitute certificate will require you to submit transcripts from all universities attended, as well as complete FBI fingerprinting. This process can take several weeks.


Students enrolled in EDUC 476, EDUC 477 or EDUC 478 are assessed a $250 student teaching fee. This fee supports necessary cooperating teacher and university supervisor assignments. An additional $200 fee will be assessed for out-of-area student teaching.


Carol Pearson, Coordinator of Field Experiences (Springfield)
Carol Pearson is the central contact in the School of Education and Child Development (SECD) at Drury University for students and school personnel who have questions about the status of a student teaching or practicum placement. Ms. Pearson works with designated faculty in the School of Education and Child Development to identify high quality instructional settings in area schools for DU Education Majors preparing to be teachers. To contact Ms. Pearson, please call her at (417) 873-6685 or e-mail at

Student Teachers and Cooperating Teachers