Celebrating Pride Month

The Stonewall riot in Manhattan is an important event in American history, one we remember for what was started then and for what is still left unfinished today. In late June 1969, several days of protests followed a violent police raid of a gay bar in Greenwich Village and set in motion the modern LGBTQ civil rights movement. A marginalized group who were once largely invisible to many started a march toward recognition and acceptance. Although it has been more 50 years since, the push for equality goes on.

The celebrations during the month of June serve as a reminder not only of these protests and the movement they sparked, but also of the impact  the LGBTQ community has had on our nation. Not accepting others just because they are different than you is unacceptable.  Drury University is proud to stand by all LGBTQ members of the our campus and alumni communities, and recognize the many contributions you have made to Drury.

Happy Pride!

Marilyn D. Harris, MS, SHRM-CP
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Drury University