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Mission Statement
To promote, enhance, and support the environment that will allow its members to grow and succeed. We will work with organizations on campus to provide a wholesome approach to diversity, inclusivity, access and equality which in turn will benefit the Drury community.

At Drury, we define diversity as the differences that make people unique, including age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, dimensions of race, socio-economic status, physical abilities, political beliefs, and other ideologies. Inclusion is how we engage these differences to create a genuine community and expand opportunities for cultural knowledge.

It is critical to treat diversity and inclusion as core leadership competencies, pushing diversity far beyond compliance. The goal is to educate our people by creating leaders who create a culture in which acceptance and appreciation of all people and cultures is the norm, and that every person in the community can feel completely comfortable and secure as a member of it. Our vision stands in the objective to create an inclusive environment, characterized by dignity and respect, that enables each member to have global opportunities and contribute to the development of society.


Portrait of Marilyn Harris.Marilyn Harris
Chief Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Develops human resource policies and procedures. Directs the day to day operations of the human resources department and all human resource activities, such as nonacademic employment, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and other employee services. Provides professional human resource services and consultation to campus constituencies. Plans and coordinates or delivers staff training and development programs. Provides technical direction, leadership, guidance, and support to staff and student staff engaged in providing a comprehensive range of first-line customer support and administrative services for internal constituencies, job applicants, and visitors.