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Individualized Major

Students may design an individualized major at Drury, where they complete a course of study not offered among Drury’s existing majors. Students who pursue this option are often drawn to a set of questions that require an interdisciplinary course of study to prepare for a particular career or graduate school program.

Students must submit an application to a committee consisting of at least two faculty members, one of whom should be their advisor. The application must be approved by this committee, the Dean of the College where a majority of the coursework will be taken, and chairs of each department where six or more credit hours are included in the proposed curriculum. The application should include:

  • The name of the proposed major,
  • A statement of purpose describing the focus of the major, and
  • The courses the student plans to take to fulfill the major 

Major Requirements:

The major must include a minimum of 36 credit hours, including at least 12 credit hours of upper division courses (300- and 400 level) and a capstone experience (a senior seminar or a guided research experience). In addition, courses should come from at least two but not more than four academic departments; and must be taught on a regular basis to reduce reliance on directed studies (exceptions to this guideline must be approved by the chair of the department where the course is listed).

A student should design the individualized major as early as possible, and must spend a minimum of three semesters working under an approved plan. Students who have a GPA below 3.0 at the time of application must seek special permission from the Dean of the College where a majority of the coursework will be taken. The academic advisor must meet with the student at least once each semester to review progress.