Choosing a Major or Career

Major decisions? Career Planning & Development can assist you in determining the best major or career to suit your interests, values and abilities.

Understanding personal interests, values and abilities is the first step to finding a “good match” career field. The second step is researching careers and market trends to determine their “goodness of fit.”

Important points to remember when choosing your major:

  • Choose something you enjoy.
  • Explore your options before deciding.
  • Gain experience outside of your major through other classes and departments, activities and internships.
  • Most occupations are open to a wide variety of majors.

For a sample of occupations commonly associated with Drury’s majors and average salary by major, check out “What can I do with a major in…?”

For information on requirements for degrees and majors at Drury, please visit the Registrar’s Office.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Occupational Information Network contain information on a variety of careers, including salary averages, market outlook, requirements, and descriptions.

Do an informational interview from your personal computer by exploring the personal side of work. contains informational interviews about careers from Accounting to Zoology. Check the link for CityTown Info below for more firsthand accounts.

The Resource Library in our office includes a number of print publications available for check-out, including books on specific majors and occupational areas, resume writing and more.

NACE Salary Calculator CenterSalary.comCityTownInfo and The Wall Street Journal Salary Calculator are useful sites to locate salary and cost-of-living information.

Need additional information and job descriptions on a wide variety of career opportunities and majors? Check out the following sites: