Journalism Emphasis

Our majors learn to tell stories across media. They develop Web content, craft video stories, and produce podcasts to engage audiences and build communities. 

Our students also become social-media mavens, delving into new platforms to find new ways to share stories and understand what audiences are looking for in this new media environment. In the journalism emphasis, our majors add photography and data analysis/visualization to their resume.

As with all of our student media, freshmen can join our students newspaper and radio station to master the skills they’ll need to succeed in the workplace. The only limit is your desire.

Drury Mirror

Since 1886, the Mirror has served as the weekly student voice on campus. Funded with student fees and advertising revenue, it is editorially independent of the university; students create and decide its content.

Our print edition appears weekly during the school year, and the website is updated throughout the semester.


Our student station broadcasts 24 hours a day at, and we are in the process of securing an FM license that would allow us to be heard on radios throughout Springfield.

Student Work

Our students have developed Web presences for a number of clients such as business and nonprofit organizations.