About the Physics Program

The Drury physics department is strongly oriented toward student learning and success. Our courses in both the major and minor prepare students for graduate studies in physics, math, computing and other fields; professional careers in medicine, law, or teaching; and—in concert with our Dual-Degree Engineering Program—a career in engineering.

Physics Major      Physics Minor

The physics faculty have wide and varied backgrounds. Their research interests include computational biophysics, in particular, small molecule binding to biological macromolecules (DNA and proteins); orbital debris modeling and planetary ring dynamics; complex systems; student learning and the use of modeling in physics instruction; developing student understanding throughout the curriculum and building instruments that measure student value for learning in math in science. Faculty are committed to involving students in meaningful research as a part of learning.

Our Facilities

Each teaching laboratory is equipped with computers interfaced with a wide variety of sensors for collecting and analyzing data in real time, from experiments involving motion, temperature, force, sound, electrical and magnetic and other phenomena. The department’s resources include:

  • a computing cluster of three 12-core computers with biophysics/biochemistry software
  • high speed cameras
  • a suite of 8- to 14-inch telescopes with CCD cameras
  • computer control for color imaging