Breech Business School Internships


  • Students become eligible to complete an internship for credit when they meet the following criteria:

    1.) 60 or more credit hours earned.

    2.) 2.5 grade point average or higher, or department chair approval.

    3.) Have completed coursework appropriate for the internship experience.

    4.) Have selected an internship experience related to their field of study. 

  • Internship credit cannot be granted retroactively, which means you must be registered for internship credit during the same semester in which your internship is completed.
  • Existing jobs do not qualify for internship college credit; this is meant to be a new learning experience. Please contact Lisa Tessier if you have questions about this guideline.
  • Family members cannot act as site supervisors, so if you are doing an internship in a family business, identify someone not related to you to oversee the internship.
  • You must complete all internship site hours within the semester at the same site under one site supervisor (though you may rotate through various departments for a broad based experience).
  • Students are encouraged to engage in as many internship experiences as possible but only two internships for a total of 6 credits can be applied towards an undergraduate degree.

NOTE: Students are responsible for notifying their faculty sponsor and Lisa Tessier at if their internship circumstances change for any reason.

For questions about internships, contact Lisa Tessier at