International Business Major

The International Business Major is designed to be obtained in conjunction with a specialized business major (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing). The IBM will provide the students with the ability to develop multicultural competence. Upon receiving this major, a student will be skilled and able to work with people in different parts of the world and work on multicultural teams. 

Program Requirements

Declared a major in one of the following areas: Accounting, Cyber-risk Management, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing.

Choose either Semester Abroad or Internship Abroad:

  • Study Abroad: If spending a semester abroad, student with help from their advisor and approval of the dean, will select 12 credits of international business classes and/or international relation classes offered by the host university during that term. Student will enroll in MGMT 205 and complete required Leave of Absence Form and Request for Transfer of Credit Form as appropriate. Classes must be approved by the dean prior to study abroad. In order for a course to transfer to Drury, student must receive a C or above.

  • Internship Abroad: If the student is choosing an internship abroad, electives can be selected from the list below at Drury University. International students will complete an internship in the United States and enroll in MGMT 482-Internship for International Students. All other students will enroll in MGMT 481-International Internship upon completing the internship contract with Career Planning and Developing and the Study Abroad preparation with the Associate Dean for International Programs.

Additionally, students will complete the following courses at Drury: 

Required (6 hrs.) 

MGMT 425: International Management
3 credit hours

Prerequisites:  MGMT 301 and admission to the Breech School of Business.  This course explores the distinct challenges of management in an international environment. Topics covered include global environment, national culture, international human resource issues, and managing a multinational workforce.

ECON 461: International Economics
3 credit hours

Prerequisite: Admission to Breech School of Business. (ECON 311 is recommended, but not required.) Examines international trade theory, policy and international finance. The costs and benefits of more open trade are considered. The determination of exchange rates is explored and government intervention in foreign exchange markets is examined. A student research project is required.

Electives (6 hrs.)

Choose Two: 

COMM 332: Intercultural Communication
3 credit hours

A survey of critical and qualitative inquiry into intercultural communication. This course provides an introduction to the tenets of intercultural research as well as in-depth analysis of intercultural communication competency and cultural criticism. Topics include introductory readings in ethnography, social anthropology and communication studies, and numerous case studies across various cultures. Theories include nonverbal communication analysis and facework across cultures. Diversity issues and identity politics are explored.

PLSC 302: U.S. Foreign Policy
3 credit hours

Examination of foreign policy in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with analysis of the U.S. foreign policy?making process, institutions and actors.

PLSC 350: International Organizations and Law
3 credit hours

Louis Henkin famously wrote, “...almost all nations observe almost all principles of international law and almost all of their obligations almost all of the time.” This class attempts to demonstrate how the ‘almosts’ in that quote are key to answering the questions, “Does international law matter and what are the real-world impacts of international organizations?”

PLSC 352: International Political Economy
3 credit hours

Examination of the historical development of the world economy; trade, finance, and production within the world economy.

PSYC 313: Cross-Cultural Psychology
3 credit hours

Explores the multiple and reciprocal nature of interaction between culture, intra-individual processes (such as perception, cognition, personality) and inter-individual processes (such as communication and group identity). Factors affecting these interactions, like ethnocentrism and prejudice, are also examined.

Foreign Language:

12 hours of foreign language credit.

Note: Foreign students whose native language is not English can meet the requirement by passing the TOEFL with a score of iBT70 or higher or by obtaining a waiver for attending an English speaking high school or secondary school.

The following courses are recommended electives for further study for International Business Majors:

ACCT 205: Basic Excel
1 credit hours

Prerequisite: MGMT 170. This course provides an introduction to features and functions most commonly needed by beginning Excel users who will be in contact with the program on a somewhat frequent basis. This course requires a rudimentary knowledge of Excel as a basis for advancing into the course material. This is a hybrid course with primary content delivery online for self- paced learning and open labs for student learning.

ACCT 305: Intermediate Excel
1 credit hours

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ACCT 205. This course builds on ACCT 205 to teach features and functions most commonly needed by regular Excel users. This course requires a basic knowledge of Excel prior to beginning. This is a hybrid course with primary content delivery online for self-paced learning and open labs for student learning.

ACCT 405: Advanced Excel
1 credit hours

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ACCT 305. This course builds on ACCT 305 to teach features and functions needed by Excel users in professional fields. This course requires an intermediate knowledge of Excel prior to beginning. This is a hybrid course with primary content delivery online for self-paced learning and open labs for student learning.

Continue Your Education With Drury's MBA Program

Seamlessly continue your education towards a Master in Business Administration from Drury. A few highlights of the program include:

  • MBA program can be completed in one, two, or four year sequences
  • All courses are offered in the evenings (6 - 8:45 p.m.)
  • The curriculum is customizable to students’ needs
  • Week-long trip to an international business destination (usually Greece or China)

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