Breech Student Honor Code

Breech School of Business Administration Admission Attestation Requirements

Admission to the Breech School of Business Administration (BSOB) requires that prospective business majors read and attest to understanding a number of policies that are critical to student success. All business students must demonstrate that they understand the Breech School’s code of ethical conduct. They must also understand the school’s policies regarding its study abroad requirement.

Honor Code of Conduct

Please carefully read the following description of the BSOB policy regarding ethical conduct and sign your name to attest that you understand the policy and accept the responsibility to conduct yourself accordingly.

“I will prepare all of my academic work including exams, quizzes, term papers, homework, and any other assignments in an ethical manner. I will not engage in plagiarism or unauthorized collaboration or in any other activities that constitute cheating or involve representing someone else’s work as my own. I recognize that individual professors may establish ethical standards that go beyond those listed above. I understand that both professors and students have a duty to report any violation of this honor code to the administration.”

Honor Code Violation Policy and Procedures

A student accused of an honor violation will have the opportunity to accept or refute the charge.

A. If the student accepts the charge and agrees that the consequences determined by the professor are reasonable, the faculty will report the incident and consequences to the administration. Students understand that engaging in more than one incident of academic dishonesty may be ground for expulsion from the Breech School or Drury University.

B. If the student refutes the charge, or if the student accepts the charge but believes the consequences chosen by the professor are unreasonable, the student may appeal to the Honor Council1. The Honor Council will hear the appeal and render a judgement regarding the charge of misconduct. If the charge of misconduct is affirmed, the Council will determine the consequences according to the following guidelines:

1. In the case of a first offense, consequences range from failure on the assignment in question to failure in the course.

2. In the case of multiple offenses, a student may be dismissed from the Breech School of Business, and the Honor Council may request that the administration expel the student from the University.

C. The student always has the right to appeal any Honor Council decision to the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs in accordance with Drury University Policy.

The Breech Study Abroad Graduation Requirement

The Breech School of Business creates the opportunity for every student to participate in a study abroad. Studying abroad provides students with experiences that are central to achieving our mission of “Preparing ethical leaders for the global business community.” Accordingly, every Breech student will participate in a study abroad experience that meets the school’s requirements.

We encourage students to visit the BSOB Study Abroad page to learn more about the different study abroad opportunities and the requirement. Enter the words “Breech Study Abroad” into the search box on Drury University’s main page or go to Students who have need for financial assistance to help meet the costs of a study abroad trip may apply for a Study Abroad Scholarship. They can go to for a description of the eligibility requirements and application forms for the scholarship.

On very rare occasions, unexpected events can make a study abroad experience impossible. For this reason, the Breech School has an exemption policy that allows a student to request an exemption based on unexpected extenuating circumstances. A student cannot not be admitted into the Breech School until they attest that they understand the following policy regarding the granting of an exemption from the study abroad requirement.

Study Abroad Exemption and Substitution Policy

Please carefully read the following description of the BSOB Study Abroad Exemption policy, and then sign your name to attest that you understand the policy.

The Breech School faculty believes in the importance of the study abroad experience, however, we also recognize that extraordinary circumstances may limit the ability of a student to travel abroad. A student with extraordinary family and/or personal circumstances who wants to apply for an exemption MUST file the request PRIOR to completing the last 30 hours (two semesters) of coursework needed for their originally declared major. Students planning to complete their major at the end of the spring semester must submit their request by 5 pm on the Friday of the first week of fall semester classes. Students planning to complete their major at the end of the summer or fall semesters must submit their exemption request by 5 p.m. on the Friday of the first week of spring semester classes. No requests will be considered past these deadlines.

The Study Abroad Committee will review all exemption requests. The request must provide extensive information describing the need for an exemption. A student receiving an exemption will substitute three additional courses (a minimum of 9 credit hours) for the Study Abroad experience. The course options come from two categories: 1) the study of a foreign culture and 2) the study of a foreign language. Any combination of two courses from one category and one from the other is acceptable, but we strongly recommend that the culture and language courses relate to one another.

The Honor Council will be comprised of 3 Breech faculty chosen by the Dean of the BSOB and 6 students selected from the Breech School Student Advisory Council.