Breech Student Honor Code

It is my responsibility to act ethically while attending the Breech School of Business Administration. Acting ethically includes being trustworthy, respectful, and responsible.

Trustworthiness encompasses being honest and having integrity. I will be honest by having a good faith intent to convey the truth. Integrity means that I will act ethically, regardless of the situation.

Respect includes notions such as civility, courtesy, dignity, and tolerance. As a respectful person, I will treat others with consideration and tolerate individual differences and beliefs without prejudice.

In being a responsible student, I will be accountable for my actions and exercise restraint. I will be reliable and make all reasonable efforts to fulfill commitments. I will also pursue excellence and lead by example, including perseverance and engaging in continuous improvement.

I will be ethical in all my work including exams, quizzes, term papers, homework, and any other assignments. I will abstain from cheating, misrepresentation, plagiarism, and unauthorized collaboration. I recognize that this honor code constitutes minimum expectations and that individual professors may implement additional requirements.

Order of Action:

Both teachers and students are expected to report any violation of the honor code. Once a student is accused of a violation of the honor code he/she will have the opportunity to accept or refute the charge. The burden of proof of violation rests with the accuser.

If a student accepts the charge, immediate actions will be taken by the Honor Council in accordance with the consequences listed below. If the student chooses to refute the charge, he/she must appear before the Honor Council with an appeal. The council, when presented, will hear appeals and vote either for or against the charge.


First offense – Actions range from failure on assignment up to failure in the course
Second offense – Dismissal from Breech School of Business Administration

Note: Faculty members are required to notify the department head and the office of the dean of the college of instances of academic dishonesty. –Academic Catalog

Honor Council:
The Honor Council shall be comprised of three (3) faculty members who will be appointed by the Director of the Breech School of Business and six (6) members of the respective Breech School Student Advisory Boards, who will be chosen at random by the Director as well. A two-thirds majority vote must be exercised in order for actions to be passed.