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Advisory Boards

The mission of the Breech School Advisory Board (BAB) is to advise, promote and proactively support the interests of Drury University and the Breech School of Business Administration to improve the visibility and enhance the reputation of the Breech School of Business Administration in the regional, national, and international business community. The Board helps the School achieve its mission of providing quality undergraduate and graduate programming, resulting in graduates who possess the skills and abilities needed to excel as ethical professionals in the global business community.

Breech Advisory Board

Joe Easter ('00, '08), BAB Chair

Tamara de Wild, Vice Chair

Strategic Planning Committee

Tamara de Wild, Chair

Matt Bown ('86)

Leaster Gibson

Juli Pascoe (’04)

Erin Boster (’96)

Academic Programming

Juli Pascoe (’04), Chair

Sandy Meyers (’90, ‘97)

Bryan Reeves (’07, ’08)

Bonnie Bell

Amanda Kastler (’03)


Leaster Gibson, Chair

Jane Bennet

Bruce Nasby

Ardyth Neill (’82)

Rob Dickerson (’90)

Marketing and Events

Erin Boster (’96) Chair

John Everett (’94)

Rich Bachus (’81)

Chris Myer (’92)

Membership and Governance

Matt Bown (’86), Chair

Tamara deWild

John Everett (’94)

Chris Myer (’92)

Student Advisory Board